BBTower to Invest $1Million in Morphlabs to Accelerate Business Expansion

November 14, 2010

Morphlabs a leading provider of private and public cloud infrastructure, and BroadBand Tower, announced today a strategic alliance in cloud computing.

Morphlabs started as an open standards-based cloud solutions provider with more than 4,000 worldwide users on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Utilizing the expertise and know-how accumulated by their experience in cloud system development and deployment, Morphlabs launched a wider range of cloud solutions including mCloud Controller, a comprehensive cloud computing platform for the large-scale cloud architecture for enterprises and data centers, and mCloud On-Demand which enables mission critical deployments over the public cloud.

BroadBand Tower (BBTower) and Morphlabs began their collaboration on a PaaS platform project in late 2009. The trial services of “Flex-PaaS” utilizing Morphlabs’ mCloud platform successfully culminated last November. This joint development enabled BBTower to hold and operate a highly-sophisticated cloud datacenter platform and provide the best cloud services to its customers.

Morphlabs Chairman and CEO, Winston Damarillo said, “Under the alliance, the most advanced technologies from Morphlabs are combined with the operating know-how of BBTower. The mutual goal is to deliver the most complete cloud computing service from infrastructure to application.”

BroadBand Tower Executive President Toshihiko Yamato, who recently joined the strategic advisory board of Morphlabs said, “The past year’s collaboration resulted in a PaaS platform which is unique to BBTower and that realizes high reliability with automatic redundant/recovering function, and complete automation for deployment and management. To make this strategic alliance more effective and to strengthen our relationship, BBTower will invest US$1million in Morphlabs.”

This strategic alliance enhances the existing partnership between Morphlabs and BBTower. Both companies now jointly accelerate the business expansion into the global market and target market leadership in enterprise cloud computing.

About MorphlabsMorphlabs enables companies to make the most efficient use of IT resources, inside and outside the enterprise, through cloud computing. Morphlabs’ mCloud is built on the principles of Enterprise Cloud Architecture (ECA) and delivers an integrated cloud stack for deploying, managing and monitoring enterprise class applications. mCloud simplifies the process of building and managing clouds for enterprise environments — empowering companies to create their own private or public cloud infrastructure. Morphlabs is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, with operations in the Philippines and Japan.

Source: Yahoo News

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