Morphlabs Announces All-SSD Dell PowerEdge Cloud Platform

April 03, 2014

Morphlabs claims to be offering the first end-to-end cloud platform for data centers that is based on SSD storage.

The company’s mCloud Data Center product uses Dell’s PowerEdge C 5220 microserver as a foundation and promises customers that it can achieve an input/output operations per second (IOPs) increase of up to 10x over the “market average.”

According to Morphlabs, a single mCloud Data Center includes a unit controller, a storage node and a compute node with at least 22 compute units. The systems are deployed via the company’s rack configuration that shares firewall, system back-up and networking between the private clouds. They also have common access to compute and storage nodes.

There was no information on availability and pricing. However, the manufacturer says the platform is “most price performance converged infrastructure solution on the market” and does not require a typically rather expensive Enterprise SAN architecture.

“We’re excited to work with Dell, the leader in hyperscale computing,” said Winston Damarillo, CEO, Morphlabs. “At Morphlabs, our goal is to redefine and revolutionize the world of converged private cloud infrastructure and make blazing fast, dedicated private cloud possible for our customers all over the world. With the Dell PowerEdge C Series platform, we have the largest amount of processing power directly attached to storage allowing us to eliminate traditional SANs.”

Source: TomsITPro

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