Morphlabs Launches Compact OpenStack-Based Cloud Platform

July 17, 2012

Morphlabs announced the launch of a new, compact, OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention 2012.

PORTLAND, Ore. €” Morphlabs, a provider of dynamic infrastructure services for the enterprise, has launched the mCloud Helix, a new converged private cloud infrastructures for enterprise IT consumers.
The mCloud Helix, a compact, scalable and efficient form of private cloud infrastructure, is powered by the open-source OpenStack cloud computing platform, and combines high performance solid-state-drive-powered (SSD-powered) nodes and preintegrated ZFS to eliminate the need for expensive enterprise SANs, the company said.

Morphlabs introduced mCloud Helix at the O€™Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) July 17, also known as OpenStack Day at the event. The Morphlabs€™ solution combines one of the smallest footprints of any cloud infrastructure on the market with unmatched density to set a new energy standard for watt/virtual CPU (vCPU). The Morphlabs€™ mCloud Helix is built and tested on Dell PowerEdge C servers, which use the latest hyperscale technology for performance and efficiency. In addition, CoreSite, a national provider of network-rich data centers, has worked with Morphlabs to optimize its infrastructure for enterprises seeking to deploy their own mCloud Helix.

€œThis Morphlabs solution is valuable to customers interested in a simple deployment for a compact private cloud,€ John Igoe, executive director of cloud and big data solutions at Dell, said in a statement. €œThe combination of Dell PowerEdge C servers and Morphlabs€™ software enables customers with a streamlined, efficient approach to private cloud infrastructure.€

mCloud€™s architectural approach provides affordable price performance and is easily extensible, the company said. Rather than relying on antiquated and expensive blade/SAN (storage area network) architectures, mCloud€™s modular hyperscale converged infrastructure scales compute and storage simply and efficiently, lowering the barrier to entry. The mCloud Helix takes the gains of all-SSD, OpenStack-powered cloud computing one step further, reducing the energy costs of powering and cooling private cloud infrastructure, delivering an enhanced power efficiency rating of under 10 watts/vCPU.

€œThe mCloud Helix empowers customers to take home and immediately deploy private clouds using best-of-breed open-source software and hardware without requiring a massive CapEx investment,€ Morphlabs CEO Winston Damarillo, said in a statement. €œWorking closely with Dell, we have packed the high-performance benefits of mCloud into a remarkably small footprint, making it possible for small and medium businesses to grow industry-standard private clouds to match workloads without investing in massive, complex build-outs.€

Morphlabs is also working closely with leaders in the hosting space to develop novel applications of their technology, including Media Temple, a provider of Web hosting and cloud services. Media Temple has partnered with Morphlabs to develop implementations of the mCloud Helix. The partnership is part of Media Temple€™s ongoing initiative to stay on the leading edge of development for the private cloud, the company said.

€œMedia Temple has been looking to projects like OpenStack as part of our continued effort to develop and deploy scalable products that deliver value to our customers faster and more reliably,€ Albert Lopez, Media Temple CTO, said in a statement. €œCollaborating with Morphlabs ensures that our development teams will continue to create efficient, scalable and affordable cloud-hosting solutions, all while decreasing our carbon footprint and maintaining the high standards our customers demand.€

€œMorphlabs is making it easy for service providers like Media Temple to get up and running quickly with OpenStack,€ said Jonathan Bryce, chairman of the OpenStack Project Policy Board. “Their mCloud Helix solution demonstrates how OpenStack can not only be used to deploy public cloud services, but also efficient, enterprise-class private clouds.”

The scalable mCloud Helix solution enables customers to add mCloud Helix units as compute and storage needs increase, providing customizable cloud solutions to businesses based on specific objectives and demands. CoreSite has optimized its infrastructure for customers to deploy their own mCloud Helix units. And as part of its relationship with Dell and Morphlabs, customers buying an mCloud Helix and deploying the unit at any of CoreSite€™s 14 data centers nationwide are eligible for discounted pricing.

€œWe are very pleased to work with Morphlabs to bring the benefits of the mCloud Helix to the enterprise. This innovative product that delivers record-breaking watt/VM with this price/performance requires a secure, power-dense data center which CoreSite provides,€ Jarrett Appleby, chief operating officer of CoreSite, said in a statement. €œAs we expand our Network Centric Computing Platform, relationships with industry leaders such as Dell and Morphlabs are a critical part of our business strategy.€

Dell provides global support for mCloud configurations, enabling four-hour response times anywhere in the world and delivering a world-class supply chain to provide the latest, most efficient and cost-effective data center technology to customers, the company said.

Source: Eweek

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