Morphlabs will make your company more agile, more efficient while maintain control and security.

The Problem

You are responsible for your company’s IT. Top management is relying on you to help the company compete with competitors out there to disrupt your business by being faster and more nimble than you. Top management also wants you to be more efficient giving you less CAPEX and OPEX budget, asking you to do more with less. To top it off, they want you to maintain a very robust and secure infrastructure.

The Solution

With Morphlabs OpenStack Hybrid Cloud Services, you can now have the agility and efficiency of public clouds. No more waiting for 2 months or more for your servers to arrive and another month to fix configurations. You can have your resources whether they are compute, networking, storage, databases, hadoop clusters when you want. No more people and money wasted managing silos of servers, ERP with that server cluster, HR systems with another server cluster and so on. You can now standardize your infrastructure on cheap commodity off the shelf hardware. Plus no more vendor lockin. You don’t have to get the hardware with its premium price because your software vendor requires you to do so. You are now free.

Absolute Control

With Morphlabs OpenStack Hybrid Cloud Services, you can deploy your own private cloud and maintain the highest level of control and security while have the ability to place workloads in the public cloud, virtualization environments or even bare metal. You can now have the ability to place the workloads where it is appropriate.


Morphlabs-OpenstackMorphlabs OpenStack Hybrid Cloud Services come in a range of flavors.

Cirrocumulus: Managed OpenStack Cloud

For large enterprise who have the scale and are looking for massive cost savings.

Cirrus: On-Prem OpenStack Cloud

For medium to large companies who want to have more control and privacy but limited budget for CAPEX.

Cirrostratus: Hosted OpenStack Cloud

For small or medium sized company who may not have your own datacenter, have limited budget for hardware or have workloads that do not require a dedicated cloud.

Enterprise Grade OpenStack Infrastructure

For all range of services you will get OpenStack infrastructure services allowing you access to resources on demand, self service provisioning, automated orchestration and all the benefits of OpenStack. You will also get CEPH storage services allowing access to cheap and robust object and block storage resources. And to enjoy the full benefit of hybrid clouds, you will also get cloud management services allowing you a single point to manage your private, public and virtualized environments.

All With MORPHLABS Renowned ProAct Services

All services come with 99.95{e8cd864886fc6edf3867878b7f7b64f669a1f6ace924081f968eb08ef92e1298} uptime and enterprise-grade support SLAs.

On top of that, you will cloud architecture services and p2v and v2v migration services included. And direct access to our cloud engineers instead of layers of call center agents.

The Premier Cloud and Openstack Experts in Asia

Morphlabs have been in the cloud business since 2007. We’ve developed our own software as well as work with open source software. We’ve deployed cloud environments worldwide. We’re a founding member of OpenStack and have been through the trenches since it started.

When you need OpenStack experts in Southeast Asia, we are it.

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