True to its name, ProAct provides proactive monitoring over your servers, resources, and other Morphlabs services. The utility generates real-time updates on the physical and virtual status of your servers, confirming the dependability of your cloud-based assets.

These immediate and detailed notifications enable systems administrators to make just the right call at exactly the right time. Faster, more informed response times mean less chances of downtime – and the lost revenue that goes with it.

Proactive monitoring

Faster response times

Accurate stats


Powered by OpenStack

OpenStack gives sysadmins exceptional amount of flexibility, agility, and control.

Cloud Server Monitoring

ProAct maintains constant monitoring of your cloud servers while supplying continuous, immediate, and well-defined status updates.

Baremetal Server Monitoring

Personally track your servers’ components and functions. These include key processes such as resource utilization and software performance (such as CPU, disk, memory, OS processes, log files and more).

Local Support and Application Monitoring

The ProAct response team is comprised of the most experienced OpenStack professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Available 24/7, the team provides swift and effective solutions based on real-time intel.

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