Virtual collaborations that deliver tangible results

mSync is a cloud-based collaboration platform. It provides seamless file access, sharing, and management across different devices. Powered by Owncloud, a next-generation cloud solution and modular infrastructure, mSync is a more secure and nimble platform for user collaboration.

Unlike rigid FTP services, mSync is a convenient, low-cost, and flexible option that sacrifices none of the features required from a next-gen collaboration tool. By giving users a more stable and accessible system, mSync helps virtual collaborations deliver tangible results.

Easy set-up




Data Sync, Data Sharing, and Collaboration

Synchronize and access all your files, contacts, and photo galleries on your desktop and mobile devices. Share files easily with the user-friendly interface.

By providing permissions to other users, you can all securely collaborate and edit .odt and .doc files from your browsers.

Single interface and Folder Quota

With one management interface, you have the ability to manage both user access and data by creating different folder quotas per user.

Security Infrastructure unique to your company

Morphlabs provides two layers of security for your mSync app. The first layer is its secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. Second, and most noteworthy, is the unique security infrastructure that Morphlabs will build specifically for your company. This uniqueness and exclusivity gives you full control of the app, with the support and guidance of Morphlabs’ highly-trained engineers.

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