OpenStack elevates your business to the cloud

OpenStack elevates your business to the cloud. OpenStack is a scalable, open sourced cloud computing platform that lets Morphlabs construct flexible IT infrastructures for large businesses.

The OpenStack Advantage

  • Comprised of modular, scalable, and flexible set of utilities; provides clients with value, efficiency, and agility
  • Open-source; the technology is supported by a large community of developers, of which Morphlabs is a leading member
  • Tried and tested by large businesses
  • Interoperability and open-source APIs allow admins to  manage hybrid IT environments without the additional overhead layer

Morphlabs and OpenStack

Morphlabs, Inc. was created in 2007 to make cloud computing a practical option for businesses.

With its team of pioneering engineers and technicians, Morphlabs has grown to be the regional leader in implementing OpenStack- and Cloud-based solutions. The company’s founders are acclaimed members of the OpenStack community, and have been actively shaping the technology since its creation in 2010.

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OpenStack: by the numbers

You’re never an island with OpenStack. The platform is continually evolving, thanks to a dedicated, global developer community. The numbers below point towards not just to quantity, but the quality of the platform, and the depth of benefits it holds for your business.




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